About Us


SUNF is a tire manufacturer located in China and distributes tires around the world focusing on the Powersports industry and has a very wide range to offer from  Lawn mowers, Scooters, Go karts, Buggies, Golf Carts, Atv’s, Utv’s, dirt bikes to some small trailer tires .  The Sun F  branded tires are produced using the most inexpensive raw materials to keep cost down and target the budget shopper worldwide and have been highly involved in supplying Chinese OEM Atv,scooter and buggy companies with these tires. Sun F works closely with other Chinese manufactures and companies around the world allowing us here to offer different brands, treads, sizes etc. of tires produced in these other manufactures at these extremely good discounts. With our connections and business partners around the world we thought it would be a great opportunity to get some of them on board allowing us to offer their products on the site, so feel free to shop and compare treads, sizes and prices available.

No orders too big or too small, we can supply the trail rider with two tires or an OEM manufacture 200,000 tires.  All tires on site are manufactured in factories that have certificate of ISO9001-2000  E4/DOT compliance.  Each tire brand may be produced using different qualities of raw material and rubber compounding and may be produced in multiple different manufactures or even countries to the brand owners requirements for that tire.   The GPS Gravity brand is manufactured in three different manufactures and two different countries using high quality raw materials and a rubber compound that has been tested by a mass of people ranging from engineers, racers, trail riders, Government agencies and in all types of terrain and weather conditions all over the world and is distributed in over 50 countries in the PowerSports markets of North & South America, Europe, Africa, Canada and the Middle East.