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Below is a variety of tread designs that we offer for ATV Motocross racing. Front tire dimensions are 20x6x10 & rear tire dimensions are 18x10x8.

For purchasing info or warranty issues please email:

Sun F A035 Rear 18x10x8Sun F A035 Front 20x6x10Sun F A031 Rear 18x10x8Sun F A031 Front 20x6x10 Sun F A018 Rear 18x10x8



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  1. Larz says:

    I have (4) A033 tires that are all leaking around the knobs. I contacted a distributor that sells Sun F tires and they said this is a very common issue they see with the Sun F brand. Is there any kind of manufacture warranty or is this one of those you get what you pay for tires ?

  2. Jason says:

    Stay clear from the A035 very cheap tire, After one day ride had a flat and took it in for repair the tire had cords all broken inside. Replaced them with GPS Gravity tires

  3. Bob Smith says:

    I have had more issues with the Sun F branded tires than any other tire i have ever tried. They are made very cheap so you get what you pay for. Be ware!!!!!!

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