GPS Gravity 457 ATV Tire


  • GPS Tire 457
  • Heavy Duty 4ply
  • Great For Medium/Hard Type Terrain
  • Excellent wear life
  • Great Traction In all Conditions
  • Suburb Contact Patch
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Also available in an 8ply  Gravity857


The GPS Gravity457 ATV rear tire is designed to give maximum traction in any condition.   The GPS Gravity457 tire is the most durable puncture resistant tire in it’s class with it’s 4ply rating and great wear life it makes it a great choice whether your racing or just trail riding.  Unlike many other tires in the industry GPS tires are manufactured using a Premium rubber rather than a cheap synthetic rubber that tends to dry rot,crack and perform poorly.  This Premium rubber can be found in tires like Maxxis, CST, GPS, Goldspeed and a few others but for the most part all others are manufacturing using a Synthetic rubber to reduce cost and drive profit margins up.



  • 4ply
  •  Unique tread pattern
  • Copied by many, duplicated by none
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Great wear life
  • Great in all conditions
  • Premium rubber

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20x11x8, 20x11x9, 22x10x10, 22x11x9


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