GPS Gravity 448 ATV Tire


  • GPS Gravity 448
  • 21x7x10 & 23x7x10
  • 4 PLY
  • Light weight
  • Directional tread pattern
  • Durable tire
  • Similar tread to Maxxis Razor II
  • GPS Gravity rubber compound
  • Tire/Wheel kits available


The new GPS Gravity 448 ATV front tire has proven to be a all around reliable ATV tire you can trust! The “GPS” Gravity 448 is constructed of a solid 4ply rated carcass giving you that extra confidence yet light weight and affordable. The special GPS rubber compound is designed to last longer but still have the performance & traction you expect! The reinforced tread design of the GPS Gravity 448 works excellent in any condition or terrain with its reinforced “2mm”taller tread depth helping tire performance & steering in Hard pack, sandy, muddy, loamy or any conditions. The directional tread design and 4 ply construction gives the operator a unique advantage due to it’s extreme light weight, it’s comfortable ride & out standing steering capability. The GPS Gravity448 4ply was produced to offer the racer a light weight version of this popular tread and allows the racer to have the option to use a flat device such as tire Blocks and not have the added weight. This tire also makes a very good option for the budget shopper with it’s very affordable price range. We also offer Tire/Wheel kits, Tire Block installation, call for pricing. 702-643-8473, Ext.1  Similar tread pattern to the SunF A027 but much better rubber quality resulting in better performance and better wear life.  If it don’t say GPS Gravity your probably getting a cheap rubber.

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21x7x10, 22x7x10, 23x7x10


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