Below is a variety of tread designs that we offer for ATV Motocross racing. Front tire dimensions are 20x6x10 & rear tire dimensions are 18x10x8.

For purchasing info or warranty issues please email:

Sun F A035 Rear 18x10x8Sun F A035 Front 20x6x10Sun F A031 Rear 18x10x8Sun F A031 Front 20x6x10 Sun F A018 Rear 18x10x8



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  1. David says:

    We see Sun f tires sells under so many names like LAATV, Terache atv tires, Character tire and hides behind Amazon and E bay. We were a dealer for the brand but our distributor no longer carries the brand due to so many issues and manufacture selling direct under these names. Typical Chinese company take your money and run no warranty no customer service Chinese owned and operated business we ware !!!

  2. Jason says:

    Stay clear from the A035 very cheap tire, After one day ride had a flat and took it in for repair the tire had cords all broken inside. Replaced them with GPS Gravity tires

  3. Bob Smith says:

    I have had more issues with the Sun F branded tires than any other tire i have ever tried. They are made very cheap so you get what you pay for. Be ware!!!!!!

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